Second Mortgage to Finance Your Home Improvements

To help you with your finance, you have a number of options for home improvements. If you have plans to work on your basement, or any plan of getting your house renovated. One of the ways for increasing the property value is by using the second mortgage for home improvement. This finance for home improvement will do the needful for you whether you want to fix those leakages of the pipes of your bathroom or do the work in your living room or a bedroom.


Meaning of the second mortgage

A second mortgage is considered as junior if compared with a first mortgage that already exists. For a borrower, if he considers a second higher mortgage by replacing the existing mortgage, then it might be very cost effective for him.

For an example, if you have already taken £75,000 as your first mortgage amount and your house is worth about £100,000. In this case, if your credit scores are good enough for financing 80% of the total of £100,000 then only you will be considered eligible by the bank to take the first mortgage.

After you have subtracted the sum of £75,000 taken from your first mortgage, then you will be able to borrow only £25,000 for your second mortgage. The amount for the second mortgage becomes almost a kind of lien against the house and it is taken in public records.

Monthly payment must be made additionally in case you opt for a second mortgage. To be sure of handling a new payment it would be better to analyze the monthly expense as well as transactions before you choose a second mortgage option. Hence the risk involved should also be kept in mind along with this thing.

If you think you would be able to repay the mortgage amount then only go for the loan as you have already risked your home.


What are the benefits of the second mortgage?

A few natural benefits are included in a second mortgage. As the funds are readily available it becomes quite beneficial for a homeowner. Because the second mortgage is based on the home equity. One can obtain it more easily as compared to other loans. Also it is considered as a more secured loan.

On any second mortgage, the interest you pay is tax deductible. This proves to be the major benefit that usually does not come with another type of loans. From the taxes, the interest that is payable on your second mortgage can be easily deducted. A second mortgage is always the best option for financing when it comes to home improvements. You can be very confident of repaying your loan due to the low rate of interest.

second mortgage

Renovating your house may not require a huge amount of money. Although, purchasing the new one will need a huge amount of money. But the amount for renovating is not that less that you can pay it with the money you are having in your savings account.

The most secure and most preferred option left to you is the second mortgage. Because with the second mortgage option it has become easier in financing your home improvements. You can concentrate on giving your home a new look by having assurance in getting a secured loan.


When you are looking for a second mortgage, make sure that you:

  • Ask your lender what they might charge for an additional loan.
  • Get the best rate by comparing lender’s annual percentage rate of charge. It will help you to know the total amount you have to pay back as well as the loan duration.
  • Search the exact fees, the rate of interest, mortgage terms and charges for early repayments.


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