What are the guarantor and no guarantor loans?

Easy Fast Loans offer two types of unsecured loans, guarantor and no guarantor loans.

Any Purpose no guarantor loans:

Some time it's very difficult to get a guarantor who could take responsibility for your loan, so we are here for quick loan without guarantor. We accept bad credit as well as good credit and some time we approve loan without any credit check. No guarantor loans are available for employed, self-employed, retired and people on benefits.

  • Loan without guarantor up to £10000

  • Guaranteed loans without any upfront fees.

  • Loans for non homeowner/ tenants/ homeowner.

  • Bad credit accepted

  • No guarantor no broker fees, instant approval !

What is guarantor loan?

If you are refused due to highly bad credit history, you don’t need to be worry because guarantor loan is an easy option available for you. To obtain guarantor loans you required a sponsor who will pay off this loan and additional duties if you fail to repay that on contracted time frame. With guarantor loans you and your guarantor both are equally responsible to repay loan. Guarantor can be your friend, spouse or any family member. Guarantor could be either home owner or tenant/ non-homeowner.

Benefits of Guarantor loans:

  • Big loan amount up to £50,000

  • Employed and self employed accepted!

  • Higher approval rate as compared to no guarantor loans.

  • I don't have a guarantor for a loan

    If you have been rejected for borrowing money by a bank and have a poor credit, then it would be a good idea if you will start looking into no guarantor loans.
    With no guarantor loans, you won’t need a second party to guarantee the loan’s repayment. Oftentimes, when a person believes he or she has poor credit or in a tough financial situation, having somebody with good credit or resources co-sign the loan will enhance the chances that the application will be accepted. The promise of the guarantor that they’ll repay the loan once the real borrower failed to do so, making lenders more confident that they’ll get their money back.

  • Get No Guarantor Loans in Just Simple Steps!

    We know how hard it is to face a tough financial situation. That is the reason why we want to simplify the process of application with no guarantor loans. Don’t get frustrated when a bank denied you to borrow some money. Let us be the key to help you resolve your financial worries. Our no guarantor loans are just here waiting for you. All you have to do is to apply now and take the money you need in no time!

Get approved today. Receive your money as soon as tomorrow!

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Unsecured loans without any guarantor
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