Get Personal Loans in Three Simple Steps

Three Simple Steps to get a personal loan without guarantor


We know how hard it can be when your wallet feels light. That’s the reason we want to make loans easily available to people who struggle with bad credit. Don’t be disheartened if a bank refused you a loan. Let us be your way out of financial worries. Our no guarantor loans are waiting and can be yours in less than half hour. Just follow these three simple steps to get personal loans.

1# Quick Application:

On the home page of our website is a loan application form. You just fill in your details and click on the Submit button. As soon as it lands in our mailbox, we put it through processing in the next few minutes. Apply now without affecting your credit score!

2# Instant Approval:

Providing that your details are found correct, we conduct an affordability check in order to lend responsibly. A credit check may also have to be conducted in some cases as per FCA norms. Things do really happen at a fast pace to give you approval of your application within 30 minutes.

3# Funds in your account

Once your personal loan application approved, you will get a message and fund will be transferred in to your bank account the very same day.


What are the guarantor and no guarantor loans?

Easy Fast Loans offer two types of personal loans, guarantor and no guarantor loans.

Any Purpose no guarantor loans:
Some time it’s very difficult to get a guarantor who could take responsibility for your loan, so we are here for quick personal loan without guarantor. We accept bad credit as well as good credit and some time we approve loan without any credit check. No guarantor personal loans are available for employed, self-employed, retired and people on benefits.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

Loan without guarantor up to £10000
Guaranteed loans without any upfront fees
Loans for non homeowner/ tenants/ homeowner
very bad credit loans no guarantor direct lender
No guarantor no broker fees, instant approval

  What is guarantor loan?

   If you are refused due to highly bad credit history, you don’t need to be worry because guarantor loan is an easy option available for you.
   To obtain guarantor loans you required a sponsor who will pay off this loan and additional duties if you fail to repay that on contracted time frame. With guarantor loans you and your guarantor both are equally responsible to repay loan. Guarantor can be your friend, spouse or any family member. Guarantor could be home owner or tenant/ non-homeowner.

Benefits of Guarantor loans:

Big loan amount up to £50,000
Employed and self employed accepted!
Higher approval rate as compared to no guarantor loans.

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